“Rosie was wonderful to work with. She turned around a job for me extremely quickly and professionally with obvious diligence. She works intricately, leaving no stone unturned, and will give you her honest feedback while providing constructive criticism – backing this up with alternative ideas and examples. I look forward to working with her again in the very near future.

David Sellars, author of Quietus

“Rosie is an exceptional editor. From a strictly mechanical standpoint, her eye caught the tiniest error, such as missing italic on a quote, that I would have never seen. She caught misspelled words out of context, like “his” instead of “this”, that would pass the spell checker, proving she actually reads every sentence with meticulous care. For that level of detailed expertise alone, she is worth every penny. My 105k word manuscript was scrubbed and error free for self pubbing. But here is where Rosie truly shines. She analyzed each scene and pointed out things that did not add up. She provided suggestions or advice on how to correct mistakes. She clearly and without attempting to take away from my voice, performed meaningful edits including cuts and restructures for clarity and pacing. She caught some things that were blatantly obvious flaws that I missed, but would have resulted in an embarrassment had they made it into the final product. Bottom line, here is a true gem of an editor who will enhance, tighten, and improve your story without changing it. She will tell you how it is but make you like it. She will also point out what you’re doing well so you know what works. The end result will be a product far superior to what you started with.”

Wayne Meyers, author of Visitor

“For those that only read the first line or so of reviews, simply put: hire Rosie. What you get is not just a proficient editor but someone that really takes the time to delve into your project. I found her opinions on not just where to improve the story, but how, super helpful. There was not one point where I thought “What is she talking about?” or “She’s way off base with that opinion.” Rosie caught inconsistencies in my story that I never would have found (she even referred back to the novel prior to this in the series to make sure every part of this book fit with the first). I could tell that she really enjoyed her work and has a passion for storytelling. That is the type of person I want to collaborate with, not just an editing robot that points out commas that are in the wrong place (although she absolutely does this as well). She adhered to deadlines, and kept me posted on her progress. She was available to answer any questions I had about her ongoing work. All the things I, and presumably others, look for in an editor for a novel. I will end where I started: Hire Rosie. You will not be disappointed.”

Grant Pies, author of New Alcatraz Vol. II: Golden Dawn