Services & Rates


When proofreading your document, we will fix any errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar, as well as ensuring that everything flows and makes sense. For this service we charge £14 per hour.


Our editing service includes proofreading, and focuses on the content of the document. We’ll make sure your document is free of errors and is consistent in tone and style. Suggestions for more effective phrasing and sentence structure will be made, as well as areas that could be condensed or expanded. If your document is a piece of creative work (either fiction or non-fiction) we will also take into account character, voice, plot, pacing and anything else we deem relevant. Our feedback will always be meticulous, constructive and considered, and we won’t hesitate to point out things we love! Our editing service also includes a summary report which will discuss more generally the strengths of the piece as well as the areas that could be improved. For this service we charge £20 per hour. 

When you email us, we’ll advise you how long we expect the job will take.

For ease of use, all of our proofreading and editing is done using the Microsoft track changes feature. This means you can easily choose to accept or decline any changes we make, ensuring your document is tailored how you want it to be. Comments and suggestions will be placed in the sidebar so that we can be specific and you can read our feedback in chronological sequence.